FrameMaker, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Word, Powerpoint, Flash  
  SolidConverterPDF, ScanSoft PDF, rofessional, ABBYY FineReader  
  CCJK, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainian ...
  InDesign Files
  FrameMake Files
  Word Files
  Adobe Captivate,
Camtasia Studio,
Articulate Storyline


XiCong Team holds an
experienced team for
multi-language desktop
publishing. With strong
technical support, skilled
using professional desktop publishing software, well
knowing multi-language international publishing
norms, depend on skilled
technical capabilities,and
strict quality guarantee
assurance processes and
the professionalism of the processing, XiCong Team
is able to provide professional multilingual desktop publishing services for translation companies, local enterprises and multinational companies.

The team sponsor Vicky, from
1997 to 2009 in Shenzhen
SDL company, engaged in multilingual desktop publishing and related management team, established in 2009,
the team members employed in the well-known localization company, set up team with
free occupation identity to
long service in the company.

Today, we have nearly
20 years of work experience
in providing quality
professional DTP service
in localization fields.

As a professional DTP services provider, we will be your
best choice. You will get a professional services and
a more favorable price.

  From the year of 2017, we adjust the focus of the work. The decision to do only what we are most good at the part. That is, multi language desktop publishing services and e-Learning job.

We can do some simple test for free, usually, we only accept a small file or just work on the first 15 pages of a big file as test.

We can't accept the test like this type, you are trying to creat a file from a PDF file to
a DOC file or somthing else.
The reason is, if you want a more higher qualitty file, just spent more time but do not need any skills.




Our Team began in 2009, we had used the name HY Workshop and CBJ Language before.



Prepare document. Include:
Check the file type, version, lack of documentation, font, or link diagram, etc..
If there is a need to localize the picture, draw the picture text, do a good job of preparation before the translation.
When needed, the file is converted to the format required for translation.

Multilingual desktop publishing. Include:
Framemaker, Indesign, QK, Office and so on.
Image localization. Include:
Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Visio and so on.
E-Learning. Include:
Flash, Camtasia Studio 8, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and so on.
Audio or Video editing and synchronization.
OCR, Creat source files. Include .doc .indd and so on.
Localization of engineering drawings. Include:
AutoCAD and so on.
  We are really good at DTP work. If you want someone to tidy up your files, we can help you and do it well.
Our team is like a department of your company. This is a win-win choice, your can reduce the number of internal staff, saving management costs and get more professional services.
We hold an excellent team whose members have abundant practice experience of desktop publishing, excellent technical skills as well as very good team work. The fruitful cooperation and interaction with your project manager can be done smoothly. 
Professional project manager will do unified management for accepted all the projects of Xi Cong Team. Each project is taken charge by the Special person who has responsibility to contact and communicate with customers. Our full-time project managers have rich experience for localization industry, project processes and project management, which ensure that each project will be completed with good quality on schedule.

Self-check and QA
After publishing of the designated project, firstly DTP will do self-check according to their own English format, then combined with the requirements of the project instructions, special requirements, language criterion and format and etc.. Then the professional senior QA do the secondary inspection in accordance with CheckList. Finally, submit to the project manager to check and submit a final CheckList. All the requirements have to be implemented before delivering the final satisfying document to customer.

It's necessary that professional and strict process control for the multi-lingual desktop publishing. Usually, operating the multi-language projects follows:

receive Lockit file -> project preparation ->
publishing -> DTP self-check -> QA ->
modification -> final version -> submit ->
checking language format ->
customer feedback - > modification ->
check -> last final version ->
submitting the final version.

Usually, we will accept twice at least feedback about modification from customer for free (non-DTP causes), more than twice, we will charge some symbolically.

Working hours. Customers ignore the time difference between time zones, we can adjust the working hours, according to different customers to arrange for someone to follow up, to ensure that the customer needs can be arranged in accordance with the corresponding resources.
File transfer. We have 100M fiber network, can ensure the timely and efficient transfer of customer documents.
We can strictly enforce the agreement of the confidentiality agreement.
An extra copy of the project files always be created when we are doing a project.
When a project be finished , the files always be saved for three years before we will delete them.

If you want to give us a chance to cooperate, or want to get our rates, please contact us: